Learning Recommendations: Introduction to Sports Medicine

General Description: Students in Advanced Sports Medicine- Rehabilitation Internship are concurrently enrolled in Advanced Sports Medicine -Rehabilitation. Students observe/assist our school's Certified Athletic Trainer with coverage of our high school sports teams. Students also have the option to seek internships within local community healthcare facilities. Credit will be given for completion of after school hours. A log of the Advanced Sports Medicine Student's hours worked and a written journal of their experiences and reflections must be submitted at the end of each month. Work supervisor will periodically review progress and work experience with the students. The course instructor will make periodic visits to students and employers at off campus work sites. Professionalism and reliability will be emphasized.


Strategies:  Students learn through a combination of:

Homework:  This course is completed during after-school hours so students are expected to obtain 180 hrs total for the school year (90 hours each semester). At the end of each observation they are to complete a journal entry as a reflection opportunity of the experience they just had. Students will also have a weekly online learning assignment about medical terminology or anatomy and physiology (About 5 hours per week)