Learning Recommendations:  B- or better in Spanish 1. Retention of Spanish 1 vocabulary and grammar concepts. Willingness to communicate almost exclusively in Spanish.

General Description:  Students who would like to sign up for this course are highly encouraged to speak to their Spanish 1 teacher about proper placement. This class is intended for highly motivated and achieving students who want to partake in a more rigorous course, with the intention of eventually pursuing AP Spanish. A Spanish 2 Honors student retains and produces all Spanish 1 material with ease and accuracy. There will be less review than in Spanish 1, and the class will naturally move at a more accelerated pace. Students will be required to:

Content:  This course will use the text Descubre 2 and the accompanying workbook, and supplementary material. Extensive and rapid review of concepts and vocabulary learned in first year of language.

Strategies:  Students will learn/be assessed through a combination of:

Homework:  As successful Spanish 2 Honors student will review vocabulary and grammar nightly (20-30 minutes) or as needed to see success in the course.