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Learning RecommendationsUniversity of Washington recommends B+ or better on Spanish 2

General Description:  Spanish 3 Honors is a UW Spanish 103 advanced class where motivated students may earn high school and college credit simultaneously if they choose. This course is a continuation of Spanish 2, and students will work on reading, writing, speaking and listening at a more advanced level. Students who would like to sign up for this course are highly encouraged to speak to their Spanish 2 teacher about proper placement. This class is intended for highly motivated and achieving students who want to partake in a more rigorous course, with the intention of eventually pursuing AP Spanish. A Spanish 3 Honors student retains and produces all Spanish 1 and 2 materials with ease and accuracy. There will be substantially less review than in Spanish 3, and the class will naturally move at a more accelerated pace.

Students will be required to:

  • Memorize between 50 and 100 words every 3-4 weeks for accuracy and long-term retention
  • Learn and use idiomatic expressions
  • Learn and apply new grammatical concepts every 3-4 weeks, as well as demonstrate competence with any concepts previously studied
  • Follow directions and conversation almost entirely in Spanish
  • Speak in Spanish all the time
  • Write at length in multiple formats using appropriate grammar, vocabulary and conventions
  • Read at length at a more rigorous level and with more independence
  • Commit time to reading, listening and communicating in Spanish outside of regular assignments

Students who plan to continue past Spanish 3 should be intrinsically motivated to seek out opportunities (reading, listening, oral communication, etc) in Spanish.

Content:  Extensive and rapid review of concepts and vocabulary learned in first two years of language:

  • Student will learn and begin to implement all verb tenses in class work and conversation
  • Students’ vocabulary will expand to incorporate more advanced, in-depth topics
  • Students will express themselves in writing by producing formal college-level compositions

Strategies:  Students learn through a combination of:

  • Reading authentic texts in Spanish
  • Listening to native Spanish speakers via audio or video
  • Writing in Spanish
  • Extemporaneous speaking and formal oral presentations in Spanish

Homework:  Students should plan on 20 minutes of homework.

Course Fee / Materials:  +/- $375 paid to the University of Washington. Yabla subscription of +/- 14.00

College in the High School:  Sophomore, Junior and Senior students may opt to receive 5 college credits for a fee (~$400, subject to change). Students will receive registration information in class which are due in October. Students are responsible for submitting the paperwork to the UW directly. 

Updated 3/27/2019

We regret to inform you that students taking Honors Spanish 3 next year (2019/20) will not be able to get UW credits for the class as advertised in our course catalog. UW had a higher-than-expected number of applicants and therefore had to cap their program and would not admit our application for 2019/20. Students who want to continue their journey with Spanish are still encouraged to take the course and will have an opportunity to earn college credits the following year if they take AP Spanish.