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Equivalency Course List

Certain courses are approved for equivalency for the purpose of meeting high school graduation requirements.  For example, if a student takes one semester of Health through a class taught by the Issaquah School District, this would fulfill the semester state requirement for Health and a semester requirement for Career & Technical Education. Equivalency does not diminish the number of credits required for graduation.  By completing an equivalency course, a student may meet subject requirements at a faster pace, leaving more room in their schedule for other course options.

Please note that Equivalency may not apply for meeting minimum core requirements for college admissions.  Example:  Sports Medicine as taught in our schools will meet state high school requirements for the science.  However, colleges may require more standardized lab-based courses such as biology, physics and chemistry to meet this requirement for college entrance. 

Code  Course Description Primary Credit Equivalency Credit Technology Requirement
ART125  Photography 1  Art CTE *
ART225  Photography 2  Art CTE *
ART325  Photography 3 Art CTE  
COM600  AP Computer Science A CTE Math/Science *
ENG350  Journalism 1  CTE Art  
ENG351  Journalism 2 CTE Art  
FOR510  American Sign Language 1 WL CTE  
FOR520  American Sign Language 2 WL CTE  
FOR530  American Sign Language 3 WL CTE  
HFL110  Fashion Design and Merchandising 1 CTE Art  
HFL111  Fashion Design and Merchandising 2 CTE Art  
HLT200  Health  Health CTE  
INT160  Yearbook 1  CTE Art *
INT161  Yearbook 2 CTE Art *
INT240  Graphics Design 1  CTE Art *
INT241  Graphics Design 2  CTE Art *
INT305  Food Science CTE Science  
INT361  Technical Theater & Production  CTE Art  
INT425  Material Science  CTE Science  
INT500  Introduction to Sports Medicine CTE Science  
INT505  Advanced Sports Medicine - Evaluation CTE Science  
INT601  AP Computer Science Principles CTE Math *
MTH305  Personal Finance  Math CTE  
MTH310  Applied Algebra 2 Math CTE  
PED327  Dance  PE Art  
SCI349  Science of Forensics Science CTE  


  * These courses meet the Technology Graduation Requirement.
  To see the full list of courses that meet the Technology Requirement, click here.