Learning Recommendations for 2D Art Students: Visual Art 1, 2, 3, AP 2D Art & Design

Learning Recommendations for 3D Art Students:  Ceramics 1 and 2.  Teacher Permission and Portfolio Review required

General Description:  This class is intended to give the serious 2D or 3D art student an opportunity to advance their skills and complete a portfolio of artwork as they develop their own style and voice as an artist. Students will be required to create original artwork that demonstrates the advanced use of the elements of principles of art.

Content:  In this course, students will progress through a variety of classroom assignments by responding to prompts that will inspire students to advance their techniques, concepts, and individualized style.  Students will keep a sketchbook where they document their creative process and references.

Strategies:  Include whole group instruction, one-on-one instruction, and peer-to-peer instruction.  Students peer and self-evaluate work prior to the project completion in order to improve outcomes and have multiple opportunities to demonstrate learning.

Homework:  On average, students should plan on 1-4 hours of homework per week. Homework will typically consist of finishing projects, finding picture references, and sketching project ideas.

Course Fee / Materials:  Yes, see Course/Club/Misc. Fee link