Learning Recommendations:  None

General Description:  This course is designed to introduce students to ceramics building techniques and the clay-working process. Students will learn coil, pinch and slab construction methods, surface glaze techniques, elements of art and principles of design in ceramics and sculpture.

Content:  Projects are based on pinch, coil and slab techniques. Projects will include and be assessed on some or all of the Washington State OSPI Visual Art Standards.

Strategies:  Students will create individual projects while working within a collaborative studio setting. Students will receive daily one-on-one feedback, provide mid-project feedback to one other in order to improve their work-in-progress, and develop assessment criteria for semester-end projects. Project differentiation will be available to students depending on skill level and previous learning on an individual basis.

Homework:  Students will only use out-of-class time to complete initial brainstorming activities if extended time is needed.

Course Fee / Materials:  Yes, see Course/Club/Misc. Fee link