Learning Recommendations: A grade of C or better in Ceramics 1

General Description:  This course is designed for students to develop ideation and visual problem solving. Students will build upon building techniques and the clay-working process learned in previous ceramics courses. Students will continue to use coil, pinch and slab construction methods, surface glaze techniques, elements of art and principles of design in ceramics and sculpture to address personal and cultural influences in ceramics, research and apply historic styles and aesthetics to personal work, and explore how artists activate space around them.

Content: Projects will be include previously learned building techniques, and will further include wheel throwing and extruding techniques. Project design will be based on broad themes and student-generated concepts. Projects will be assessed on some, or all, of the Washington State OSPI Visual Art Standards.

Strategies:  Students will create individual projects while working within a collaborative studio setting. Students will receive daily one-on-one feedback, provide mid-project feedback to one other in order to improve their work-in-progress, and develop assessment criteria for semester-end projects. Project differentiation will be available to students depending on skill level and previous learning on an individual basis.

Homework:  Students will use out-of-class time to complete brainstorming activities in sketchbooks dedicated to Ceramics 2 coursework.

Course Fee / Materials:  Yes, see Course/Club/Misc. Fee link