Learning Recommendations: Successful completion of three or more years of orchestra or the equivalent in private instruction.  

General Description:  This orchestra provides a yearlong elective course for the string player who has had three or more years of experience.  While some individual instruction will occur in class, the main goal will be the performance of orchestra literature as a group.  Performances are mandatory and will include concerts, festivals, and assemblies.  Some before school rehearsals may be required.

Content:  The repertoire for the orchestra is selected from string literature appropriate to the beginning and intermediate high school level.  The repertoire will be specific to each performance event.

Strategies:  Most student learning will take place during rehearsals, but it may also occur during sectional rehearsals, chamber music, and private practice.

Homework:  Private practice is assumed to be a minimum of 30-60 minutes per night. This practice time may include music assigned by the student’s private instructor in addition to music required for ensemble.

Course Fee / Materials:  Yes, see Course/Club/Misc. Fee link.  Potential instrument rental fee ($150 for the year). Purchase of concert attire (inquire with director).  Some travel costs (approx. $150).