Learning Recommendations: None

General Description: This course explores how a child’s genetics and environment affects physical, social, cognitive and psychological growth.  It is designed for students who may be considering careers that involve working with children.


  • Genetics
  • Child development from birth to adolescence 
  • Family growth and development
  • Parenting
  • Theories in child psychology
  • How individuals relate to one another from birth to adolescence


  • Direct instruction
  • Group discussion and problem solving
  • Guest speakers
  • Student project and research
  • Cooperative learning
  • Career exploration

Homework:  Homework consists of either work that wasn’t finished during time provided in class OR larger projects with multiple days to work on it.

CTE Dual Credit:  This course is CTE Dual Credit approved and articulated with Bellevue College or Lake Washington Institute of Technology. Students who demonstrate proficiency of the college course competencies with a ‘B’ (3.0) or better grade may be eligible to earn college credit through the Dual Credit program. Students MUST register for CTE Dual Credit while they are enrolled in the high school course and are required to pay a non-refundable $50 annual consortium fee.

Course Fee / Materials:  Yes, see Course/Club/Misc. Fee link.