Learning RecommendationsCore understanding and experience of basic games and team play.
Advanced Fitness Level - can jog 8 min mile or less.

General DescriptionThis advanced Physical Education course is designed to provide opportunities to acquire strategies and skills in a variety of non-traditional team sports from around the globe.  Students in this class are generally highly competitive. Rules, techniques, sportsmanship, cooperative learning and safety practices, necessary to participate in selected team sports, will be included. Maintenance and/or improvement of personal fitness will also be stressed.  A solid core understanding of basic games is imperative.

Content:  Non Traditional Team Sports – Gaelic Football, Hurling, Lacrosse, Floor Hockey, Team Handball, Takraw, Rugby, Ultimate Frisbee, Futsal and more!

  • Rules
  • Team Building
  • Strategies
  • Fitness Development

Strategies: Students will learn through a combination of:

  • Individual skill development
  • Cooperative work with strategies and game plans
  • Competitive Game Play through Team Sport
  • Continued Fitness development​

Homework:  Once short assignment (15 minutes), approximately once every unit (2-3 weeks)

Course Fee / Materials:  PE Shirt Required