Learning Recommendations:  None

General Description:  Public Speaking incorporates interpersonal communication skills, audience awareness, research and speech writing techniques. Through the course, students are introduced to public speaking as an important component of their academic, work and social lives. They develop skills as public speakers by planning, organizing, writing and delivering speeches on both self-selected and assigned topics. They learn to be fair and critical listeners, give and respond to feedback and incorporate visual and multimedia aids.


  • Present a variety of speech types, including an introduction, demonstration, interview and persuasion
  • Listen to classmate & professional speeches
  • Develop writing skills by outlining speeches, crafting hooks and using transitions.

Strategies:  Students learn through a combination of analyzing speeches of others (professional and peer), speaking in front of their peers, providing feedback, and speech writing, researching, and presenting an effective argument for the topic at hand.

Homework:  Extensive class time is provided to complete speech drafting. Homework is limited to speech delivery practice, and finishing any incomplete class work (at most 15-30 minutes a week).

Note:  English Credit for Seniors only. Elective for 11th Grade.