WVR400 - Period 1, Semester 1     

WVR400 - Period 6, Semester 1

WVR401 - Period 1, Semester 2     

WVR401 - Period 6, Semester 2

Fee:       None

Learning Recommendations: Application and counselor & administrator approval.  Student must be enrolled in a minimum of 4 academic classes

Students who have completed their graduation requirements may request a senior waiver for 1st or 6th period.  Seniors must fill out an application and receive principal’s approval.  Seniors must meet one of the following criteria to receive a senior waiver:  a) academic schedule (minimum of 3 advanced placement classes), b) long-term illness or injury, c) occupation (minimum 20 hours of work per week), d) enrolled in class at another school.  Students enrolled in waiver are not to be on campus during that period and must provide their own transportation to school.  Students may not enroll in 6th period waiver if they are participating in a school sport.