Learning Recommendations:   None

General Description:  World History 1 is a semester-long Social Studies class that is a study of the geography, politics, economics, society and history of the world. Semester 1 addresses the broad patterns and terms that students will need to know and use and examines world history from prehistory to the pre-modern era.


  • Historical thinking and analysis skills
  • Geographic luck and patterns of migration
  • Culture, race and racism
  • Development of religious thought
  • Government and economic systems
  • Expansion and collapse of ancient non-European civilizations
  • Encounter, exploration and cultural exchange

Strategies:  The approaches taken in this course should include but not be limited to collaborative and/or cooperative learning groups, inquiry-based instruction, project-based learning experiences, primary source analysis and lectures, film and readings.

Homework:  Homework will be assigned at teacher discretion and will be minimal with good time management.

The Washington State Technology Standards addressed in this course include: