Learning Recommendations:  World History I, II and III or AP Human Geography or AP European History

General Description: A required course that includes a review of the economic, social, and political developments of the United States and its governmental structure.

Content:  The course uses primary and secondary sources to develop critical thinking, note-taking, and written and oral language skills. Units of study will include the following eras in American History: Foundations, Westward Expansion, Civil War & Reconstruction, The Gilded Age & Industrialization, WWI, The Roaring 20’s, The Great Depression, WWII, The Cold War, Civil Rights Movement, Vietnam, and the 21st Century.

Strategies:  Students will learn through a combination of: research-based papers; multi- media presentations; analysis of graphs, charts, documents, political cartoons, and photographs; group projects; non-fiction reading; and group discussions.

Homework:  Homework is assigned as needed.

The Washington State Technology Standards addressed in this course include: