Learning Recommendations:  None

General Description:  Street Law: This course, taught with the weekly assistance of a Washington State trial judge, is designed to provide insight into the fundamentals of the legal system. 

Content:  Topics include: individual rights, consumer and family law, civil and criminal law, contracts, and free speech. Emphasis is given to current legal issues facing society and their relationship to the rights and responsibilities of minors and adults. Students will have the opportunity to develop and participate in mock trials, and learn to present their points of view in a legal setting.

Strategies:  Students will learn through a variety of strategies:

  • Class discussions
  • Small group work
  • Readings
  • Documentaries
  • Mock Trials
  • Debates

Homework:  Homework will only consist of work that you do not finish during class time.  There will be no formally assigned homework, aside from reviewing for exams or working on projects.