Learning Recommendations:  In order to be successful in French I, it is recommended that students have C- or better in English class.

General Description:  French 1 follows the World Readiness Standards for Learning Languages:

  1. Communicate effectively in French in order to function in a variety of situations and for multiple purposes.
  2. Interact with cultural competence and understanding.
  3. Connect with other disciplines and acquire information and diverse perspectives in order to use the language to function in academic and career related situations.
  4. Develop insight into the nature of language and culture in order to interact with cultural competence.
  5. Communicate and interact with cultural competence in order to participate in multilingual communities at home and around the world.

In French 1, students will listen, speak, read and write to share information, feelings, reactions and opinions. Students will understand, interpret and analyze what they hear, read or view on a variety of topics. Students will present information, concepts and ideas to inform, persuade, explain and narrate on a variety of topics.

Topics: The Francophone world, introductions, who I am, favorite activities, likes and dislikes, asking questions, school and classes at school, identify people, daily activities, families and family relationships, at home, at the supermarket, food, eating and drinking, sports, music, where to go, making plans, clothing, shopping, what I want to do, must do and can do, describe people, modes of transportation, location and activities in town.

Homework:  Students should spend 10 -20 minutes daily studying, in addition to their homework assignments. Daily review of material (Quizlet or notes) is part of the requirement to be successful in French.  Students will need access to the Internet to use their on-line textbook and do homework on the Entre-Cultures website.