Each student should register for six credits (6 year-long classes or a combination of year-long and semester-long classes that total 6 credits), keeping in mind the following priorities:

  1. Graduation Requirements: The high school graduation requirements ensure that each student will attain a certain level of development and complete a well-rounded program. * Students are responsible for selecting courses meeting graduation requirements
  2. Future Plans: Very few high school students know exactly what they intend to do after graduation. In fact, interests and plans often change with experience and education. It is important, therefore, to take courses that lay a foundation for four-year or community college, vocational training, military or employment options.
  3. Interests and Abilities: Students should be realistic about their ability levels and interests. Selected courses should be challenging, rewarding, and motivating. Students should select the most challenging curriculum that matches their ability level and their goals for college entrance without over-extending their capabilities to be successful within those courses.* Students are encouraged to enroll in elective courses.
  4. Plan well ahead to meet prior Learning Recommendations in order to succeed in challenging higher level coursework in your four year plan. There is a sequence to course planning in some subject areas where higher level classes are offered. Higher level courses build on learning and skills which must be previously mastered (these basic skills are not re-taught in the higher course). The course guide gives a thorough explanation of prior learning essential for success in all courses. While most students will gain prior learning from a prior course, some students have other learning experiences that may position them for success in a course. For this reason we now use learning recommendation guidelines instead of prerequisites. Read the recommendations, self- assess accurately and choose your placement and sequence over four years for best results. Note: Once you consider and select you are expected to complete your chosen courses, if you accelerate yourself beyond your true level it can and will negatively impact your level of performance and your four year plan as a natural consequence.

* When students sign up for yearlong courses, they are committing to both the first and second semester.