Learning Recommendations: Honors World History 1

General Description: Honors World History 2 is a semester-long Social Studies class that is a study of the geography, politics, economics, society and history of the world. Honors World History 2 focuses on social, political and economic changes that took place during the 16th and 19th century and how those changes set the stage for global conflict. The course is an extension of skills learned in Honors World History 1. Honors World History 2 is designed for students who wish to challenge themselves with reading, writing, and assessments. Pace and depth are more challenging in Honors World History 2 with the intention of preparing students to take an AP level social studies course during their high school career.


  • Enlightenment
  • Revolutions
  • Industrialization
  • Imperialism
  • Nationalism
  • Foundations of World War 1

Strategies:  The approaches taken in this course should include but not be limited to collaborative and/or cooperative learning groups, inquiry-based instruction, primary source analysis and lectures, films, readings, and independent research and analysis.

Homework:  In order to offer a rigorous honors course, outside reading, project-based research, and writing is required. Students should expect between 2-3 nights a week of outside work.