Learning Recommendations:  No previous Chinese knowledge needed

General Description: This is a year-long course that provides an introduction to the overview of simplified Chinese language and its culture through listening, speaking, reading, and writing learning with a special emphasis on communicative competence and accuracy. Through the development of receptive, productive, and interactive skills, students will acquire the ability to respond and interact appropriately with native Mandarin Chinese speakers in simple conversations in a defined range of everyday situations.

Content:  This course aims to help students to achieve the five goal areas of world language education:

  • Communication
  • Cultures
  • Comparisons
  • Connections
  • Communities

Upon successful completion of this course, students will acquire the Chinese language ability to give general information about themselves, families, friends, daily life and the immediate environment. They will also learn Chinese Pinyin, Chinese typing, Chinese classroom survival expressions and fundamental knowledge on Chinese culture and customs.

Strategies:  This beginning Chinese course is designed to develop student’s basic Chinese proficiency in the four modalities of language learning: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Classroom instruction is predominantly delivered in Chinese. Students will be encouraged to speak Chinese only in the class. They will acquire Chinese communication skills through a myriad of contextualized and personalized mini-situations. The class will integrate various learning activities such as music, art, acting and games. Students will be provided with collaborative learning opportunities and a variety of oral and written assessments to support their success in learning the language.

Homework:  Students are expected to spend 15~20 Minutes on weekdays on the homework of this class. There may be homework assigned for the weekends but not regularly. No homework for holidays.