Learning Recommendations:  None                                

General Description: This course is designed for students to explore current issues facing America and the world today.  The class will focus on the election process, wars and international relations, the media, global warming, immigration, diversity and discrimination, poverty, violence, and other critical issues facing today‚Äôs citizens.  

Content:  This course is designed for students to explore local, national and international issues, as well as discuss and create viable solutions to them. This class will require reading, research, critical thinking, and reflection, as well as a large amount of discussion with classmates, as it will be primarily discussion-based.

Preliminary Unit - Developing Critical Reasoning Skills & Discussion Skills. Understanding of Bias and Current Event Awareness. Other units would be reliant on current events and developments. Possibilities include issues of regional, national, and global concern, such as human rights violations, environmental issues, poverty, sustainable development, and global economic development.  Specific topics would be developed in collaboration with students at the beginning of each semester, in accordance with their interests.

Strategies:  Students will learn through a combination of:

  • Critical Readings and Class Reflections
  • Current Event Presentations and Peer Discussions
  • Online Video News Source Observations and Discussions
  • Other group and/or solo projects as appropriate

Homework:  Current event source analysis. This could include reading articles or essays, watching video sources, listening to podcasts or interacting with other sources as needed to prepare for class discussions and presentations. This will vary by week and topic.

Course Fee / Materials:  None