Learning Recommendations: Successful completion of Mandarin Chinese 2 or upon teacher’s approval. 

General Description: The Chinese 3 course builds upon the skills developed in Chinese 2 and further enriches students’ overview of Chinese language and its culture. Through listening, speaking, reading, and writing learning activities, students will advance their ability to understand and express themselves in Chinese. They will enhance their receptive, productive, and interactive skills and achieve communicative competence in a variety of everyday situations. At the end of the course, students will be able to respond and interact appropriately in real life situations with native Mandarin Chinese speakers and give extended information about themselves, families and friends, daily life, and the immediate environment. Students will also explore the customs, history, and art forms of Chinese people to deepen their understanding of the culture.

Courses offered in the high school through UWHS are official UW courses, and students in the courses are eligible to register to earn UW credit in addition to the high school credit awarded by the School/District.

Content:  This course aims to help students to achieve the five goal areas of world language education:

  • Communication
  • Cultures
  • Comparisons
  • Connections to other disciplines
  • Communities

Students will increase their ability to communicate on the following topics: school life, weather, dining, directions, parties, sports, and travel. Students will also explore the customs, history, and art forms of Chinese people to deepen their understanding of the culture.

Strategies:  This novice advanced level of Chinese 3 course is designed to promote student’s Chinese proficiency into the intermediate level in the four modalities of language learning: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Classroom instruction is predominantly delivered in Chinese. Students will be encouraged to speak Chinese only in the class. They will acquire Chinese communication skills through a myriad of contextualized and personalized mini-situations. The class will integrate various learning activities such as music, art, acting and games. Students will be provided with collaborative learning opportunities and a variety of oral and written assessments to support their progress and success in learning the language.

Homework:  Students are expected to spend 15-20 minutes daily on homework. There may be assignments on the weekends but not regularly.

College in the High School:  UW Chinese 103: Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors will have the option to earn 5 credits on the UW Chinese 103 course from University of Washington. Students will receive registration information in class. Sign-ups will be in January. The fee for the class is approximately $370.00 (includes class fee plus registration fee) paid at the time of registration. Grades will be based on the scores earned through class performance. The curriculum of UW Chinese 103 is the Integrated Chinese Book 2. This class contains a mid-term exam, a final exam and an oral assessment at the end of the course. Students are responsible for submitting the paperwork to the UW directly with the instructor’s guidance.