Learning RecommendationsSpanish 2

General Description:  This course is a continuation of Spanish 2, and students will work on reading, writing, speaking and listening at a more advanced level. Students who would like to sign up for this course are highly encouraged to speak to their Spanish 2 teacher about proper placement. This class is intended for highly motivated and achieving students who want to partake in a more rigorous course, with the intention of eventually pursuing AP Spanish. A Spanish 3 Honors student retains and produces all Spanish 1 and 2 materials with ease and accuracy. There will be substantially less review than in Spanish 3, and the class will naturally move at a more accelerated pace.

Students will be required to:

  • Memorize between 50 and 100 words every 3-4 weeks for accuracy and long-term retention
  • Learn and use idiomatic expressions
  • Learn and apply new grammatical concepts every 3-4 weeks, as well as demonstrate competence with any concepts previously studied
  • Follow directions and conversation almost entirely in Spanish
  • Speak in Spanish all the time
  • Write at length in multiple formats using appropriate grammar, vocabulary and conventions
  • Read at length at a more rigorous level and with more independence
  • Commit time to reading, listening and communicating in Spanish outside of regular assignments

Students who plan to continue past Spanish 3 should be intrinsically motivated to seek out opportunities (reading, listening, oral communication, etc) in Spanish.

Content:  Extensive and rapid review of concepts and vocabulary learned in first two years of language:

  • Student will learn and begin to implement all verb tenses in class work and conversation
  • Students’ vocabulary will expand to incorporate more advanced, in-depth topics
  • Students will express themselves in writing by producing formal college-level compositions

Strategies:  Students learn through a combination of:

  • Reading authentic texts in Spanish
  • Listening to native Spanish speakers via audio or video
  • Writing in Spanish
  • Extemporaneous speaking and formal oral presentations in Spanish

Homework:  Students should plan on 20 minutes of homework.

Course Fee / Materials:  See Course/Club/Misc Fee link.