Learning Recommendations:  Average grade of B or higher in previous Social Studies courses.

General Description:  The AP Human Geography course introduces students to the systematic study of patterns and processes that have shaped human understanding and use of the Earth's surface. Students use spacial concepts and analysis to examine human socioeconomic organization. They also learn about the methods and tools used by geographers in research and application.

Content:  The course provides a systematic study of human geography at a college level. Topics with which students engage include the nature and perspectives of geography, population and migration, cultural patterns and processes, political organization of space, agriculture - food production and rural land use, industrial and economic development, and cities and urban land use.

Strategies:  Strategies used in class include collaboration, lecture, critical reading, case studies, inquiry based research, instructional video, writing, and map analysis.

Homework:  AP Human Geography students can expect to have 2-3 hours of homework a week. That time includes outside reading, learning vocabulary, reviewing concepts and reflective writing, plus any other assignments not finished during the allotted class time.

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AP courses provide the opportunity for students to earn college credits. In order to earn college credit, students must register for the AP exam for this course. AP exam fees vary each year. Scholarships are available for students who qualify. AP exam registration takes place in September and October. College credit can be earned with a passing score on the AP exam, but what the score qualification and amount of credit earned varies by college.

Note: This course meets the World History 3 Graduation Requirement