Learning Recommendations: None required; Prior enrollment in a psychology or child development elective course provides a helpful introduction to some of the material

General Description: AP Psychology is a year-long course with two primary goals: to develop an understanding of Psychology as a discipline and to connect the study of Psychology to careers informed by this area of study.  We will use scientific methodology and critical analysis to apply findings in influential psychological research to individual mental processes and behaviors.  As we explore the various approaches to Psychology we will examine how these approaches shape the workplace and connect to potential career paths. 


  • History of and Approaches to Psychology
  • Careers in Psychology
  • Research Methods and Statistics
  • Biological Bases of Behavior
  • Sensation and Perception
  • Cognition
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Motivation, Emotion, and Personality
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Social Psychology

Strategies: Students will engage with course material through readings, lectures, discussions, and FCCLA leadership content.

Homework: Students can expect to have 2-3 hours of homework per week.  That time includes outside reading, learning vocabulary, reviewing concepts, and assignments designed to clarify or enrich course material.

Course Fee/Materials:  Suggested club and ASB fees, see Course/Club/Misc. Fee link

AP courses at IHS challenge students with rigorous college-level work. By succeeding in college-level work while still in high school, students in AP courses develop confidence in their own abilities and learn essential time management and study skills needed for college and career success.

AP courses provide the opportunity for students to earn college credits. In order to earn college credit, students must register for the AP exam for this course. AP exam fees vary each year. Scholarships are available for students who qualify. AP exam registration takes place in September and October. College credit can be earned with a passing score on the AP exam, but what the score qualification and amount of credit earned varies by college.