• Counselor/Principal pre-approval is required for all outside credit options including those completed by middle school students; credit will not be granted retroactively. Once approved, the student must complete the course within the time designated by the counselor.
  • Students may earn outside credits through the two options below:  Issaquah School District Online Learning (letter grade A-F earned) and/or Other Outside Credit Options (Pass/Fail only).  The maximum combined credits a student may earn toward graduation requirements and/or minimum college admission requirements is 4 credits (8 semesters).  A limit of 2 credits (4 semesters) can be taken in one school year. 
  • Important: To preserve the integrity of the requirements, no more than 50% in any one discipline may be earned outside of a regularly scheduled “inside credit” high school course.
  • The District shall not, in any way, be responsible for determining if an outside course meets a specific college requirement, an NCAA requirement, or is accepted by agencies who grant scholarships. Parents and students are solely responsible for vetting these courses and the resulting consequences.
  • Credit will be granted for completed pre-approved outside courses, and placed on the official high school transcript.  The process for grading will depend on type of outside credit pursued.  See details below.

All bulleted details above apply to both options below: 


1. ISSAQUAH SCHOOL DISTRICT ONLINE LEARNING: OSPI/ISD-approved online courses options for Outside Credit with transcripted Letter Grades (A-F)  Click here for information. 

  • OSPI/ISD-approved online courses taken through the Issaquah School District will be granted credit in the same manner as other course offerings in the district. The actual letter grade (A-F) will be placed on the official high school transcript and will factor into the student's GPA.  

  • Students and parents should be aware that end of term dates for online providers may differ from the Issaquah School District calendar. Online providers may have grading scales that differ from Issaquah School District; the grade given by the online provider/teacher is the grade that will be transcripted by the Issaquah School District.Other Outside Credit options (transcripted for credit with Pass/Fail grading.


2. Other Outside Credit options (transcripted for credit with Pass/Fail grading) 

  • These options include but may not be limited to: Community College courses, and courses at ISD/OSPI-approved private Washington State accredited institutions. 
  • Click here for pre-approval form. and consult with a counselor to determine if an outside provider is and accredited, district-approved institution.

  • Once the course is complete, official verification of course completion must be submitted to the counseling office (no later than two weeks after course completion).  

  • Outside credits taken through an outside provider will receive credit with a Pass/Fail  grade only.  Pass is a “neutral” grade, and does not factor into GPA. Please note: NCAA factors ‘P/F’ grades as 1.0 or a ‘D’ in GPA calculations.