Learning Recommendations: Application required. Students applying for this course should be doing A-work in English; solid writing and grammar skills are assumed. They should also be good at meeting deadlines.  Students should be confident in their writing abilities and organizational skills.

General Description: Journalism is a year-long course. Students will develop and refine interviewing and journalistic writing skills. They will also develop skills required to set goals and meet deadlines in a real production setting. These skills will be applied to the publication of the school’s news source. The class operates at a rigorous pace.


  • Focus on news, sports, feature, arts & entertainment, science & technology, and opinion articles.
  • Understand the rights and responsibilities of student media
  • Develop confidence in interacting with peers and staff through the interviewing process

Students who are interested in being a designated photo-journalist or illustrator should see Mrs. Jarvinen.

Strategies:  Students learn through a combination of:

  • Team collaboration
  • Hands-on production
  • Direct instruction
  • Large and small group discussion

Homework:  Work can be completed in class if students use their time well, but generally, students can expect to do some writing out of class for the copy deadline and blog posts.

Note:  English Credit for Seniors only. Elective for 9th - 11th Grade.

FINE ART CREDIT NOTE: This course counts as a fine art credit for graduation but may not meet the four-year college admissions requirement for Fine/Visual/Performing Arts.