Learning Recommendations: Application required. Students applying for this course should have completed Yearbook 2 with an A or B, and should be good at meeting deadlines, writing, and photography. Strong skills in time management are highly recommended.

General Description: In this yearlong, third year course, students will assume a leadership role being the editor-in-chief or a section editor - Academics, Athletics, Clubs and Activities, Index, People, Senior Ads, or Student Activities. Students in Yearbook 3 will be directly involved in the planning of the yearbook, in addition to being responsible for editing. They will be expected to assist students working under them with organizational skills, photography, and technology. They must complete these extra duties in addition to their assigned pages for the yearbook.


  • Layout and design using Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop software
  • Writing copy, captions, and headlines
  • Libel and copyright issues
  • Digital Photography
  • Publicity

Strategies:  Students learn through a combination of:

  • Hands-on projects
  • Direct instruction
  • Exploration
  • Use of technology

Students will have the use of a personal camera for the year as well as access to sports cameras as needed.

Homework:  Students will be required to attended selected school events including but not limited to sporting events, concerts, club meetings, and spirit week events.

FINE ART CREDIT NOTE: This course counts as a fine art credit for graduation but may not meet the four-year college admissions requirement for Fine/Visual/Performing Arts.