Learning Recommendations:  None

General Description: This survey course is focused on teaching the principles and logic behind how most programming languages work. This is done through hands-on work that often requires creative thinking. This class requires no previous experience programming, but it does require hard work, flexibility, puzzle-solving, and most importantly: a self-starting positive attitude!

Content: The course is entirely classwork in the form of creating small programs consisting of a few scripts, and creating larger projects. All required programming uses SNAP, a pseudo-language with a simple interface that allows students to focus on learning the logical constructs of programing (loops, If statements, traversal of lists, parameters, etc.) without having to simultaneously worry about syntax errors of missing semi-colons holding them back (Web design is a good class to learn those Syntax skills, and can work as a compliment to this course’s Logical skills).


  • Hands-on Assignments and Projects
  • Exploratory Learning
  • Direct Instruction
  • Mentoring

Homework: This course is designed to have no homework; that all work can be completed in class with the time provided. However, some students may need additional time and may need to use library or home computers to complete their work.

CTE Dual Credit:  This course is CTE Dual Credit approved and articulated with Bellevue College. Students who demonstrate proficiency of the college course competencies with a ‘B’ (3.0) or better grade may be eligible to earn college credit through the Tech Prep program. Students MUST register for CTE Dual Credit while they are enrolled in the high school course and also are required to pay a non-refundable $50 annual consortium fee.