Learning Recommendations:  C grade or better in Ceramics 1

General Description: Ceramics 2 provides students with the opportunity to continue development of pottery and clay sculpture skills. Students will learn and practice techniques in pottery, clay sculpture and glazing and decorating techniques. Students will incorporate design skills learned in previous art classes. Students will also study ceramics from other cultures, historical periods and current artists.

Content: Projects will include both hand-built and wheel thrown works. Projects may also be based on historical or contemporary art movement or artists. Projects will be assessed on some or all of the Washington State OSPI Visual Art Standards.

Strategies:  Students will create projects while working within a collaborative studio setting. Projects will include both hand-built and wheel thrown projects. Students will learn through a combination of: direct instruction, one-on-one feedback, individual projects, and group critiques.

Homework: Students will only use out-of-class time to complete initial brainstorming activities if extended time is needed.

Course Fee / Materials:  Yes, see Course/Club/Misc. Fee link