Learning Recommendations:  Successful completion of two or more years of band or the equivalent in private instruction. 

General Description:  Concert Band is a year-long elective that gives the instrumental music student a continuing course for technical and musical development.  Performances are mandatory and will include concerts, contests, festivals, assemblies, parades, field shows and community functions.  Some before school practices will be required.  All Concert Band members will perform in marching and pep bands. 

Content:  The main goal will be the performance of appropriate band literature at the beginning high school level. 

Strategies:  Students learn through basic music sight reading, perfecting performance and general understanding of ensemble performance practice.

Homework:  Practice for at least 30-60 minutes a night (depending on the week)

Course Fee / Materials:  Yes, see Course/Club/Misc. Fee link.  Potential instrument rental fee ($150 for the year). Purchase of concert attire (inquire with director).