Learning Recommendations: Theater Arts 1

General Description:  This course builds on the skills and knowledge of Theatre Arts 1 through exploring directing, playwriting and scene development. Students will learn how to direct a scene; write, edit and produce a script, and work with others. Students will also learn about the developments and importance of Elizabethan, Modern and Musical theatre traditions.


  • Scene work: script analysis, acting, and performing
  • Directing: working with peers, planning and creating a scene
  • Theatre History from Elizabethan Theatre through to present day
  • Playwriting: character creation, conflict & resolution, editing

Strategies:  Students will learn to work as an ensemble by engaging in drama games and warm up activities. Students will participate in partner scene work where they will have the opportunity to apply various learned acting techniques. After learning techniques on script analysis, and gaining an understanding of stage composition, students will have the opportunity to make relevant artistic choices for their final scene work project.

Homework:  Reading and memorization, along with occasional group projects. Students will be given ample time to complete work during class, but might need additional time outside of the school day.

Course Fee / Materials:  None