Learning Recommendations:  C or better in any Physical Education class.

General Description:  This is a one-semester course designed to create a non-competitive atmosphere where students can learn yoga.  Yoga should challenge and enrich individuals by allowing them to discover their flexibility, strength and improve their cardiovascular conditioning.  Yoga is something that offers benefits to people at many different fitness levels.  


  • Poses taken from many different types of yoga, primarily, ashtanga, bikram, and hatha. Usually done in the vinyasa (flow) style.
  • Cardiovascular conditioning once or twice a week
  • Strength training exercises (usually body weight) once a week

Strategies:  In class instruction and demonstration for all poses needed for each workout.  Students will learn through seeing poses performed, daily practice, and self-assessments.

Homework:  3 self-assessment assignments, and 1-2 other assignments over the semester.  Majority of points come through participation.

Course Fee / Materials:  PE Shirt Required