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General Description: This course is designed to cultivate increasing competence and confidence in self-expression and literary analysis while delving into the rich and expressive literature of the Contemporary (post WWII) Era. The curriculum emphasizes an examination of authorial style, interpretation of theme, and the importance of viewpoint in contemporary literature, exposing students to a variety of perspectives as represented by authors from around the globe. In addition to reading, students will practice writing in various formats, build vocabulary, and continue to develop their skills in grammar, mechanics and usage, oral communication, presentation, and research. The reading, writing, speaking, and listening exercises in this course are designed to prepare students for post-secondary options of all kinds, for the vocational- as well as for the college-bound student.

Content:  The skills targeted in Contemporary Literature build on those developed in previous years and include but are not limited to: reading comprehension; informational and complex narrative reading; analysis of story elements; use and understanding of literary devices; making predictions and inferences, and evaluating text for organizational structures. Further writing skills include: analysis and selection strategies for planning writing; use of multiple drafts and editing; collaboration and group evaluation; writing to varied audiences, voices, forms and genres; and the use of organizational structure. Novels and authors studied include (but are not limited to) The Handmaid’s Tale, The Things They Carried, Julia Alvarez, Alice Walker, Ta-Nehesi Coates, Joan Didion, George Saunders, Kurt Vonnegut, and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

Strategies:  Students learn through a combination of guided large and small group discussion; peer evaluation; individual and shared reading and written analysis; multiple-draft writing; and direct instruction, including lecture and note-taking.

Homework:  When appropriate, students should dedicate twenty to thirty minutes each day to homework for this class. Students should plan to this time outside of class to review notes, study for quizzes, and read. Some time to work on extended composition/presentation projects will be allotted during class, but completion of these assignments may require time beyond the recommended twenty to thirty minutes per day.

Note:  English Credit for Seniors only.