Learning Recommendations:  B+ or better in Algebra 2; C or better in Pre-Calculus. May be taken concurrently with Pre-Calculus if student had an A in Algebra 2 and with teacher recommendation.

General Description:  Statistics introduces students to the major concepts and tools for collecting, analyzing, and drawing conclusions from data. Students will observe patterns and departures from patterns, decide what and how to measure, produce models using probability and simulation and confirm models. Appropriate technology, from manipulatives to calculators and application software, will be used regularly for instruction and assessment. Students are expected to take the AP Statistics exam for which a fee will be charged at IHS.

Content:  Topics that students will explore and understand in the course include:

  • How statistics is applied in real life
  • How to appropriately collect and analyze data to validate research questions
  • Analyze and interpret graphical displays
  • Summarize bivariate data including correlation, best-fit-line
  • Understand the basic properties of and underlying patterns of probability
  • Find the variability and distributions of samples
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Comparing treatment groups
  • Analyze categorical data and goodness-of-fit tests

Strategies:  Students will learn through a combination of:

  • Direct instruction
  • Group based and individual based exploration
  • Technology demos
  • Independent learning

Homework:  Given nightly. Expected to be completed and check for correctness online.

Course Fee / Materials:  Student will need a TI-84 Graphing Calculator.  Fee for AP Exam.

AP courses at IHS challenge students with rigorous college-level work. By succeeding in college-level work while still in high school, students in AP courses develop confidence in their own abilities and learn essential time management and study skills needed for college and career success.

AP courses provide the opportunity for students to earn college credits. In order to earn college credit, students must register for the AP exam for this course. AP exam fees vary each year. Scholarships are available for students who qualify. AP exam registration takes place in September and October. College credit can be earned with a passing score on the AP exam, but what the score qualification and amount of credit earned varies by college.