Resource students are assigned to classes on the basis of their own choices and with recommendations of resource teachers and parents. The Individualized Education Program (IEP) sets forth a plan of goals and objectives, which specifies accommodations and services necessary to meet the students’ needs.

Credit: Mathematics

Learning Recommendations: Math placement test and teacher recommendation            

General Description:  Traditional concepts of algebra that are required for Algebra 1 will be introduced and reinforced throughout the year.  Emphasis will be on mastering single-step equations, writing and solving proportions, converting between fractions, decimals and percents, finding the mean, median and mode, data analysis, area, perimeter and surface area, order of operations, proportions, inequalities and writing equations and inequalities from simple word problems.

Course Fee / Materials:  Spiral-bound notebook, writing utensils, lined notebook paper, and a scientific calculator.  If you need to purchase a calculator, the TI-34 MultiView is recommended.  A graphing calculator is not required.