Learning RecommendationsNone. This class may be taken more than once for credit since it offers a wide range of experiences.

General Description:  This course is designed for ASB Executive Officers and other ASB appointed commissioners. Students in the class are assigned individual positions with unique responsibilities centered on creating and maintaining a positive campus and community climate. 

Content:  Students will work individually and collaboratively to accomplish individual and class goals, to recognize and appreciate students and staff, and to organize school-wide and community fundraisers, events, and activities. Elements of this class are project management, team-building, public speaking, budgeting, networking and leading others with the goal to inspire students to lifelong service and leadership in their education, careers, communities, and homes.

Strategies:  Project based course. Student will work independently and in small groups.

Homework:  While traditional homework is not typically assigned in this course, students will be responsible for completing aspects of projects that they do not complete during class time. ASB students also are expected to participate in many before and after school activities every month.