CTE Credit


CTE is at the front of innovation in education in the Issaquah School District. There is nothing more exciting than seeing students engaged in studies that push them to their limits, spark their imaginations. To be career and college ready, you need to be able to integrate and apply 21st century skills, technical knowledge and skills, and core academic knowledge. With an emphasis on real world, real life skills, Career and Technical Education – Issaquah School District connects you to academics and training that will help you be successful in the future through hands on, applied learning. Our goal is that every student will graduate from high school globally competitive for work and postsecondary education and prepared for life in the 21st century. No matter what your dream, you can pursue it through CTE.

IHS Computer Science Progression Flow Chart

IHS Computer Science Progression Flow Chart

Students looking for a programming class that have completed Computer Science courses in Middle School are encouraged to start with AP Computer Science Principles.


Intermediate Additional Computing Course Option

(Y) Cybersecurity



(S) – Semester long course
(Y) – Year-long course

Semester Courses


ART125 - Photography 1
ART225 - Photography 2
ART325 - Photography 3
ART425 - Photography 4
BU125A/BU125B - Sales and Marketing 1
BU225A/BU225B - Sales and Marketing 2
BU415A/BU415B - Sales and Marketing 3
COM330 - Website Design
COM335 or COM336 - Advanced Computer Science Topics / Projects
COM600/COM601 - AP Computer Science A
EN350A/EN350B - Journalism 1
FO510A/FO510B - American Sign Language 1
FO520A/FO520B - American Sign Language 2
FO530A/FO530B - American Sign Language 3
FOR531 - American Sign Language 4 - Interpretation
FOR532 - American Sign Language 4 - Deaf Studies
HFL100 - Introduction to Culinary Arts
HFL110 - Fashion Design and Merchandising 1
HFL111 - Fashion Design and Merchandising 2
HFL245 - Child Development
HLT200 - Health
IN146A/IN146B - Cybersecurity
IN160A/IN160B - Yearbook 1
IN161A/IN161B - Yearbook 2
IN162A/IN162B - Yearbook 3
IN250A/IN250B - TV / Video Production 1
IN252A/IN252B - Video Game Design with Unity and C#
IN305A/IN305B - Food Science
IN350A/IN350B - TV / Video Production 2
IN425A/IN425B - Material Science
IN435A/IN435B - Introduction to Engineering Design
IN450A/IN450B - TV / Video Production 3
IN500A/IN500B - Introduction to Sports Medicine
IN510A/IN510B - Advanced Sports Medicine - Rehabilitation
IN601A/IN601B - AP Computer Science Principles
INT130 - Future Ready
INT240 - Graphic Design 1 (Computer Based)
INT241 - Graphic Design 2 (Computer Based)
INT245 - Introduction to Computer Science
INT300 - Woods Technology 1
INT301 - Woods Technology 2
INT361 - Technical Theatre
INT362 - Advanced Technical Theatre
MT305A/MT305B - Personal Finance
MT310A/MT310B - Applied Algebra 2
MTH307 - Accelerated Personal Finance
SC349A/SC349B - Science of Forensics
SC350A/SC350B - Sustainable Design and Technology
SS613A/SS613B - AP Psychology
SST614/SST615 - AP Economics