pe2Physical education is an integral part of the educational process. Through a carefully planned instructional program and continuous re-evaluation, students will gain a variety of competencies and knowledge, which will contribute to their health and physical well-being. Please see the Graduation Requirements on this guide’s HOME page for PE requirements. Students are strongly encouraged to take one semester of General Physical Education before enrolling in other PE classes.


PE Credit Options for ISD Students

Graduation Requirement
1.5 Credits




ISD Course

Running Start Course

Athletic Waiver

Outside Credit

Any combination of School Credit or Running Start courses can be used to earn your total required 1.5 PE Credits *Pre-approval needed for outside PE credit from Counselor
Regular PE courses taught in ISD high schools

ISD Summer School PE
PE Class accessed through Running Start A waiver of .25 PE credits for successful participation and completion of a school athletic sport season up to a maximum of 1.0 waiver Online PE course through ISD DLD (Letter grade A-F on transcript)
1 course = .5 credit

BC Summer enrichment PE Course (Pass/Fail grade on transcript)
1 qtr credit college = .25 HS credit
2-3 qtr credit college = .5 HS credit
Outside Learning Experiences PE (Pass/Fail grade on transcript)
1 course = .5 credit

*See Counselor for form. Pre-approval needed before hours can be tracked.
ISD Summer School PE 1 qtr credit college = .25 HS credit
2-3 qtr credit college = .5 HS credit
2 athletic seasons = .5 waiver
4 athletic seasons = 1.0 waiver
Students who have not completed the required PE Credit upon entering grade 12 will have a class replaced/added to their schedule. Until a counselor receives written confirmation that a student has enrolled in another PE option, this class will remain on the student’s schedule in order to ensure graduation requirements are met. All outside PE credits must be completed prior to the beginning of 2nd semester of 12th grade or a PE class will be included in your 2nd semester schedule.