Learning Recommendations: Grade of B or better in AP Computer Science A and/or a score of 3 or better on the AP Computer Science A exam.

General Description: This course allows students who have completed the AP Computer Science course to continue expanding and deepening their knowledge and understanding of computer science through student-chosen projects. The primary component of the course will be the completion of one or more significant projects chosen and designed by small student groups. Lessons will also be given on certain advanced topics as well as software engineering and project management skills. Students should expect to spend 2-4 hours a week outside of class working on projects.

This course may be taken more than once for credit.


  • Software engineering practices
  • Project management practices
  • Advanced computer science topics (varying from semester to semester based on student interest)


Students learn through a combination of:

  • Direct instruction
  • Student-driven projects
  • Research and exploration
  • Equipment to be provided by student: Access to a computer at home