Fees: $30 course fee (this pays for transportation to festivals and festival registration), $10 uniform usage/cleaning fee, ASB card, band shoes (one-time fee), band shirt and hat (one-time fee), tuxedo rental (men only), instrument rental (if applicable), and travel costs (for students that choose to participate in band trips).

Learning Recommendations: Previous enrollment and/or audition.

General Description: This is an elective course that gives the most musically advanced brass, woodwind or percussion student an opportunity to perform a wide variety of music. This band is the culminating musical activity in the district band curriculum. Performances include concerts, contests, assemblies, athletic events, parades, and community events. Wind Ensemble membership is determined by the director on the basis of previous training, musical ability, instrumentation needs, and overall attitude of the student (see website for audition requirements). All members are strongly encouraged to study privately on their instrument. Previous year enrollment does not guarantee a place the following year. Please note: All Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble members are part of the Liberty Marching Band.