Fees: $30 course fee (this pays for transportation to festivals and festival registration), ASB card and travel expenses (for students participating in ensemble trips).

Learning Recommendations: Previous enrollment and/or audition.

General Description: This is an elective course for the musically advanced student to perform Swing, Funk, Rock, Latin, and other styles found in the jazz repertoire. Emphasis is placed on group rehearsal techniques, small sectionals, leaning to improvise and the development of advanced instrumental and music reading skills. Performances include jazz concerts, contests, festivals and community events. Learning recommendation: Saxophones, Trumpets, Trombones, and Percussionists - Current membership in Symphonic Band or Wind Ensemble. Bassists must be enrolled in String Orchestra or Symphony Orchestra. Pianists and Guitarists must be currently studying their instrument privately, and should contact the director for approval. All members are strongly encouraged to study privately on their instrument. Numbers are limited. Previous year enrollment does not guarantee a place the following year.