Fees: $20.00 andĀ ASB card; Women: choir dress; Men: choir vest and tie; Some additional fees.(total: approximately 65.00)

Prior Skills Recommendation: Ability to match pitches; basic knowledge of music notation helpful.

General Description: This class is designed for students who love to sing and are motivated to become better vocal musicians, or advance musical skills already in place. It is recommended that students have at least a basic knowledge of musical notation, as the expectation is that learning will take place at an accelerated pace. Rehearsals will include work toward mastery of repertoire from several musical periods, advanced chorale rehearsal and performance techniques, as well as work with music theory and sight-singing. This choir will give several performances during the school year at LHS and throughout the Puget Sound area. Emphasis is placed on individual voice production, choral musicianship and performance techniques. Students registered in this class are eligible to participate in regional festivals and annual Solo and Ensemble events. Members of The Liberty Singers are required to attend all scheduled performances and activities.