Fee: 22.00 

Learning Recommendations: STUDENTS MUST HAVE TEACHER APPROVAL TO ENROLL IN THIS CLASS.  Students should have earned a “C” or higher in HFL325

General Description: Third year Culinary Arts students will build on skills learned during Culinary Arts 1  & 2 and cover new material. You’ll have an opportunity to participate in culinary competitions, earn scholarships and earn a certificate of completion from the National Restaurant Association. – This should come off of culinary 2 (& 1 if it is on there)


 ·         Culinary techniques continued from year 1 & 2

 Business Skills:

·         Espresso cart marketing and management

·         Menu & marketing decisions

·         Specials, holiday events and staff dinner orders

·         Accounting & food costing

·         Restaurant communications & station management

·         Teaching and coaching culinary 1 and 2 students

·         Catering – menu development, planning and execution

·         Inventory and ordering


Strategies: Students learn through a combination of:

·         Teacher demonstrations

·         Student run café

·         Leadership – 10 – 20 hours per semester outside of class, L’Café catering, before/after school, as well as many other options.