Learning Recommendations:  Successful completion of Intro to Algebra – Part 1; IEP Required; Case Manager Recommendation

General Description:  Traditional concepts of algebra will be introduced and reinforced throughout the year.  Using the second half of the TransMath Understanding Algebraic Expressions textbook, concepts involving critical thinking and problem solving are taught through guided practice and application of math concepts in everyday living situations.

Content:  Critical areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Solving multi-step algebraic equations
  • Volume
  • Graphing linear and nonlinear equations/lines
  • Writing algebraic equations from word problems, data tables and graphs
  • Geometric construction and angle measurement and bisection
  • Using algebraic equations to find missing angles (exterior & interior angles)
  • Transformations on graphs

Equipment to be provided by the student:  Composition notebook or spiral-bound notebook and scientific calculator.  If you need to purchase one, the TI30XS MultiView is recommended.  Graphing calculators are not required until CC Algebra 2 and above.