General Description: The scope of psychology is vast covering the study of human behavior and the science of man’s mental and physical attributes. This course will provide students with an introduction to some of the key elements in the field of psychology. Students will explore highlights of human behavior, as well as the development and function of the human brain.

Content: The goal of this introductory course is to provide the students with the following experiences:

  • Describe the purpose, scope, and applications of the field of psychology
  • Recognize varying psychological perspectives used to explain psychological phenomenon
  • Identify some of the historical and present-day contributions of major psychologists
  • Define important psychological terms, concepts, and principles.
  • Apply critical thinking to “commonsense” ideas and unsubstantiated claims
  • Apply to one’s own life some of the findings and principles described by psychologists
  • Demonstrate knowledge of basic scientific principle by applying research methods used by psychologists

Strategies: The class will include interactive lectures, reading, writing, activities, jigsaws, debates, projects, experimentation, films, individual/group work, student driven exploration, and presentations