• General Description:. Since ancient times, sporting events have been an integral factor of society. Why do thousands of fans go each week to watch their favorite sports teams play? Why do millions others spend time watching the same teams on the television? Sports, sporting events, and fans are inescapable and they play an interesting role in the development of our society. From our earliest days as a nation sports have pulled communities together, as well as created bitter rivalries between cities. Sports platforms have also been used to put social issues in the spot light, such as the Black Power Protest at the 1968 Mexico City Olympics. This course will examine the history of sports, their very foundations, as well as examine the role sports and sports figures have played in shaping and changing society.


    • Unit 1: What are Sports? What is Their Role in Society?
    • Unit 2: Why do we Care about Sports?
    • Unit 3: Sports as a Social & Political Stage
    • Unit 4: Corruption in Sports
    • Unit 5: Individual Research Project & Presentation


    Students learn through a variety of strategies:

    • Class discussions
    • Small group work
    • Individual research projects
    • Readings (books & articles)
    • Documentaries