Liberty HS

Learning Recommendations:  It is strongly recommended that students have at least a B+ in their current English

General Description: Students in this course, which fuses the critical reading, writing and thinking skills of an introductory college-level course with primarily American Literature readings, develop their abilities to work with language and text with an awareness of rhetorical purpose and strategy. The course allows students to develop their skills in expository, analytical and argumentative writing, and emphasizes the synthesis of primary and secondary sources to develop their writings. Students learn to read complex material, integrate material from these texts into their own writing, and cite sources based on the conventions of the Modern Language Association (MLA). Through this course, students are prepared for the AP English Language and Composition Exam. There will be required summer assignments given before the end of the current school year.


  • Close reading of fiction and nonfiction writings
  • Rhetorical analysis
  • Development of analytical and rhetorical writing skills
  • Preparation for the Advanced Placement English Language and Composition exam


Students will learn through a combination of :

  • Class discussions
  • Individual writing conferences
  • Peer workshops
  • Close reading of texts
  • Short and extended writing
  • Socratic seminar
  • Presentations
  • Revision
  • Direct instruction

Equipment to be provided by student:   Students have the option of paying to take the AP English Language exam