Liberty HS

The courses listed below are approved to replace an Incomplete grade earned in an ISD class during the emergency school closure caused by COVID19 in Spring 2020. The creation of this list is consistent with guidance issued by the State Board of Education and OSPI to assist students in resolving incompletes. Consult your school counselor for more details, including additional Running Start course options.

NOTE: provided all graduation requirements have been met, a student may also graduate with a remaining Incomplete from Spring 2020 on their transcript.


English Language Arts

English Language Arts



Lit 1 or Honors Lit 1

Lit 2, Honors Lit 2

Lit 2 or Honors Lit 2

American Lit, AP Language, AP Literature, or IB Literature

American Literature

Contemporary Lit, AP Language, AP Lit, or IB Lit

AP Language or IB English 1

AP Lit, or IB English 2