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Please note:  The NCAA Eligibility Process is entirely the responsibility of the student athlete and his/her family.

College-bound student-athletes, who want to practice, compete and receive athletically related financial aid at a NCAA Division I or Division II College must satisfy the requirements of NCAA Bylaw 14.3, commonly known as Proposition 48.  A student’s eligibility for practice, competition and financial aid in the freshmen year at a Division I or II college must be certified by the NCAA Initial Eligibility Clearinghouse. 

By the beginning of  senior year, prospective college athletes for Division I and II schools need to register online with NCAA.   Visit: to create a free student account, and NCAA will guide you through the eligibility process.  As a part of the process, the student will need to order a transcript on to be sent directly to NCAA, and order their college entrance exam scores from (for SAT) or (for ACT) to be sent directly to the NCAA.