Liberty HS

Learning Recommendations:

General Description: 

  • In this semester long course students explore through inquiry and application the fundamental concepts of chemistry – such as the relationship between atomic structure and periodic trends, chemical bonding, chemical and nuclear reactions.
  • Skills taught in this course will provide students with the content and lab techniques necessary to move into higher level chemistry and biology courses. An emphasis is placed on critical thinking, problem solving and scientific inquiry. Quantitative and qualitative analysis of major concepts will be covered.
  • This course fulfills college prep requirements as outlined by the Washington Student Achievement Council (WSAC) as a lab-based science course.


  • Students will be actively engaged in learning and experiencing the following:
    • The atomic structure of matter, the periodic table
    • Classification of matter
    • Introduction to chemical bonding, naming of chemical compounds
    • Conservation of matter
    • Lab safety and the use and care of lab equipment
    • Heat and energy transformations and phase changes
    • Nuclear reactions
  • Skills taught in this course:
    • Fundamental laboratory techniques and lab safety
    • Scientific communication and technical writing
    • Increased use of metric units and conversion techniques
    • Graphical Analysis and interpretation fundamentals
    • Use of electronic tools for data collection and manipulation

Equipment to be provided by student: colored pencils, basic calculator, three ring binder.